Born and raised in Lowell, Indiana, where distance is measured by cornfields.

I'm the second of two children to my parents, Jack and Cindy Conley, who left the south suburbs of Chicago for the traffic-less pastures of Northwest Indiana. A quaint neighborhood where a hyperactive child could only stack bricks under a piece of plywood, creating a Napoleon Dynamite-esque launch ramp for his BMX bike.

This was 2001. Some five odd years later, I was properly introduced to the internet and subsequently, YouTube. Keith was the first to show me. He was (and still is) a childhood friend of mine who offered, "Anyone can make videos on here. My sister has an account, we can post there."

I've been shooting ever since. Keith and I cut our teeth writing and producing sketches under the aptly named "JK Studios." Our friends began helping us out soon after, and we made videos together for seven years. Once our collective got older and set sights for college, I held on, and continue to freelance as I enter my early twenties. I've worked in the motorcycle and music video industries in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and California. I still find time for two-wheels however, racing motocross with my friends and family in the midwest area.

While I no longer precariously stack bricks under plywood, I pass by a house in my town with plastic ramps strewn about on the front lawn. BMX bikes lay against the siding, waiting for their pilots to take flight. I can't help but nod knowingly.